DBTech 35mm Film Slide and Negative Scanner #1

The DBTech 35mm Film Slide and Negative Scanner is the #1 best selling negative scanner on Amazon at the present moment – highly recommended!

The DBTech 35mm slide scanner boasts a 10mpx camera which can be changed to 5mpx. It is very easy to operate and can convert the pictures swiftly – and I mean roughly convert about 350-400 pictures in a few hours. – you get faster with practice.

What I love about the DBTech Negative Scanner is that you can scan while your on the sofa, you don’t need to be connected to the PC anymore. It has a SD card slot so you can save your images.

DBTech negative scanner

Note: Please make sure the film negatives is 3 frames long- this is to ensure that it is long enough to feed it through and to be able to assist it out of the machine

It comes with ….two holders (A film holder for strips of film and one for single slide holder)

I know that it might be obvious to most but these holders have writing on them which is should be removed as they will show up on your scans

The film negatives are inserted from the right side of the scanner and exits from the left. You can view them on the screen once its in. Use the rotator wheel on the right side to scroll through the images and position it correctly before scanning. Its not an automatic feed scan you have to manually feed it yourself- which i prefer anyway as you feel more in control.


Note: The maximum SD card it can read is 32gb. It will not read anything more than that. Also the DBTech film scanner will calculate exactly how many pictures you can scan before running out of memory.

Once you have a scan you can adjust the brightness and mirror and flip the images. I never thought I would find a use for these but actually they are very useful if you scanned your negative upside down – just flip it instead of scanning again.

Over all, probably one of the best film slide and negative scanners I have reviewed- get the job done easily and professionally. Click here for a recommended alternative.

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