Epson V330 Review | Negative Scanner

This V330 by Epson is very robust and it also look pretty cool too, the software is easy to use and can quietly scans four negatives in about 5 minutes. you can scan a strip of 6 negatives or 4 slide. The scans on this scanner are high quality at 4800dpi.  The holders are a bit flimsy so yo have to handle with care however nearly all of the negative scanners are if I’m honest. The scanner allows you to crop and also rotate the image, the scanner produces crisp images and the color balance is spot on.

Generally this is a very good all rounder, good make and quality of pictures at a fantastic price. This is highly recommended. Click here if you want to buy now

Product Features

  • Built-in film adaptor for positive and negative film scanning
  • High-quality scanning at 4800dpi
  • One touch scanning to Email or pdf
  • Includes film holders for 35mm film and slides

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