Epson V500 Review


This Epson V500 is a brilliant scanner, its really quiet when scanner and doesn’t really need any warm up time, its pretty instant. You can adjust the pixel amount in the customize menu.

The Epson V500 is very well made and intuitive and works on Mac, it also comes with Adobe elements 6. The negative scanner also have a feature called digital ICE which removes the obvious specks and spots from the beginning which is such a treat. Epson’s software has a built in correction tool which restores color balance and adjusts exposure. This is a great recommended product. Click here if you want to buy now

Technical Details

  • 6400dpi flatbed scanner
  • 4 scan buttons including scan to PDF and email
  • Integrated TPU with film and slide scanning up to medium format
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • 3.4 optical density

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