Kodak P461 Review

The Kodak P461 is really easy to use and its pretty quick to scan. It can scan up to 4X6 pictures and is really small which makes it convenient to store, also allows you to scan both 35mm and both slides and strips of negatives which can be saved to a memory card.

The Kodak P461 also offers two manual feed slots, one for a 4 inch wide for your pictures and a smaller slot for slides and film.

It comes with a 2GB memory card and can be connected by USB port.

When you insert the film or print into the slot the Kodak P461 will automatically detect it and start scanning when its been pushed far enough into the slot…

The Kodak P461 does a great job when scanning your precious photo swiftly and effortlessly which is why this makes is a perfect choice for casual photographers, as for the more serious users they would want a little bit more options for the settings

Technical Details

  • Scans any printed photo, from wallet size to 4×6 inch, delivering high resolution digital files for sharing or archiving
  • Easily scans photographic negatives and mounted slides and delivers a crisp, clear positive image, ready for upload, printing or emailing
  • Includes 2GB Micro SD card and SD adapter
  • Includes Kodak Easyshare software to help you organize, share, and print your scanned photos
  • Scans printed photos at high resolution 600 DPI and negatives at 1200 DPI

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