Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

There are still many of us who shoot analog photos and for most of us we have tons of 35mm negatives stashed away in albums at home. You might even have a selection of really funny pictures of when you were younger or some embarrassing photos of your friends that you want to share.

The Lomography smartphone film scanner is an up to date way of scanning your 35mm negatives. Just clip your current iPhone or smart phone and feed the negative and shoot away! its as simple as that.

lomography photo scanner

The Lomography smartphone film scanner might seem like an new ingenious invention, however the method has in fact been around for a long while, this time round its with a more than functional phone.

The scanner comes with the Lomoscanner app which lets you edit the negative scans to positive. You are able to stitch your scans seamlessly together for the panorama images and also animate your 35mm movies using the LomoKino function. The awesome part is that its on your iPhone/smart phone so its just convenient to upload it to Facebook or Instagram email and just share it.

lomopgraphy app


The Lomography smartphone film scanner has an internal light which is powered by two AA batteries, Once you’ve inserted the film you can adjust the positioning with the knob with accurate precision.

– Its very low cost, actually to my knowledge it is   currently the cheapest film scanner

– It can be disassembled so it fits neatly in your bag

– Very easy to use and instant results

At first impressions you might think the scans to be a little disappointing but to be honest even having a iPhone 3GS did surprisingly well, definitely exceeded my expectations. The scanner is a ‘most wanted’ product for retro enthusiasts as well for those who want to digitalise their film negatives as its good quality and affordable.