Plustek 7400 Review | Negative Scanner

plustek 7400i

The Plustek 7400 feels solid piece of equipment just like the plustek 7600i. I found the CD setup was easy to install and simple to use- started scanning in a few minutes. The image conversions are sharp and can be fast when processing the negatives however it depends on the settings.

The film holder is a lot more studier compered to other holders, however even though you do have to manually feed it, it gives it a sense on control.

It also comes with a 35mm slide and negative carriers as well as a power adaptor and usb. You will be happy to know that a carry case is included – can also be used to protect it from dust getting into the device.

In comparison to less high tech scanners such as Veho, Plusteks conversions come out better in my opinion. The color and sharpness are excellent.

This is a great buy and I would definitely recommend this product before trying out cheaper ones if you want a decent and affordable negative scanner. Click here to buy now

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