We all have photographs stored somewhere in our house that are presented and organized nicely in albums. Its a great way to revisit years of precious moments of your grandson growing into a young man or getting married and going on a honeymoon in an exotic location. However many of them are still in the packaging they were developed in and hidden away in a shoe box or the best ones framed and hanged up where everyone can see them.

Now-a-days we have digital cameras that can capture new moments. These digital images can be sent to various people around the world within seconds, the popularity of digital cameras increase as it gets more affordable while the traditional camera begins to fade away. However the overall quality of the traditional SLR cannot be matched.

Having a negative scanner is a great way to ensure you keep the same quality and share your old photographs, the scanner can convert all of your old photographs easily so you can share them through the Internet or even if you just want to save some space and keep all your pictures organized. The scanner copies the photo negatives or photos and makes a digital file and saves it onto the computer.

With the technology available today we have save them to our computer, on a memory stick, we can create a slide show and upload them to youtube or a website or create an online album and save them on to disk.

A negative scanner is highly recommended if you want to preserve the quality of the photo negatives or even if you want to save some space at home. They are easy to install and set up like a charm.