Wolverine F2D Review | Negative Scanner

wolverine F2D

The Wolverine F2D is a great buy was very easy to set up, the instructions are short and informative, i found it very intuitive so its really straight forward. It scans pretty quickly and the quality of the scans converts very well too.

The Wolverine F2D was amazingly fast when converting to digital format, faster than some other expensive ones. technically you could scan two boxes of 35 mm colour slides in…a few minutes.

The LCD display is the perfect size to preview, it allows you to flip and mirror the image before you scan. After the scan it saves to the SD card or you can connect it directly to the computer instead

However something to note: If your slides are not great quality then you will still the same quality. Software can improve and adjust the image colour brightness, hue and saturation to a slightly higher quality. Thumbs up for Wolverine.

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Technical Details

  • Converts 35mm film negatives and slides to 5 Mega Pixel (JPEG) digital images with a push of a button.
  • Both Mac and PC compatible, unique stand-alone operation – no computer or software to operate
  • Fast conversion, requires only five seconds to convert an image.
  • Built-in 2.4 inch color LCD screen to view images while scanning, editing and playing slide shows.
  • Included with each unit, F2D200 scanner, AC Power Adapter, USB Cable, Negatives Cartridge, Slides Cartridge, and Lens Cleaner