NEW!!! Wolverine F2D20 Review | Negative Scanner

Wolverine-F2D20 negative scannerThe Wolverine F2D20 is a 20 megapixel and has been a lot of fun and really easy to operate. It comes with internal memory which is awesome or you can insert your memory card.

The scanner also has an auto brightness function which works like a charm! Don’t underestimate the flip feature it should be one of the main buttons to use after scanning as you can flip the image horizontally or vertically instantly, this saves an enormous amount of time and frustration of having to carefully loading the slides correctly.

Wolverine  F2D20 really is one of my favourite brand right now not just because of this function but because their entire range is really good quality especially for the price.

Its possible to scan about 800 slides in just over 3 hours effortlessly just remember to insert the SD card properly until it clicks otherwise it won’t save.

The Wolverine F2D20 can be operated without a PC and if necessary can be powered by the USB cable included in the box, after scanning you can transfer the images straight to the PC.

The scanner will do exactly what it says it will do which is to convert negatives and slides into digital format. Its perfect for casual users, the price is right and functionally-wise its one of the bestsellers.

Another great product similar to this one would be the Wolverine F2D14. Works the same way but easier on the pocket.